Water Sports Equipment and Tourist Boats

We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and importers of water sports equipment such as rowing boats different models of kayaks, canoes, and canoe polo. Our water sports equipment are available in various specifications and extensively used for water sports and tourism & adventure sports.


We offer:

Tourism Related Boats

Kayak & Canoe Boats

Kayak (K-1) FRP BoatsGet Quotation

Kayak (K-1) FRP Boats

Kayak (K-2) FRP BoatGet Quotation

Kayak (K-2) FRP Boat

Kayak (K-4) FRP BoatGet Quotation

Kayak (K-4) FRP Boat

Mini Kayak ( k- 1)Get Quotation

Mini Kayak ( k- 1)

Mini CanoeGet Quotation

Mini Canoe

Adventure sports

River CrossingGet Quotation

River Crossing

Banana BoatGet Quotation

Banana Boat



Rowing Boats

Disaster Management Related Boats

Life BuoysGet Quotation

Life Buoys

Safety BoatGet Quotation

Safety Boat

Beach LifeguardGet Quotation

Beach Lifeguard

Flat Bottom BoatGet Quotation

Flat Bottom Boat

Life JacketsGet Quotation

Life Jackets

Electronic Accessories

Stroke CoachGet Quotation

Stroke Coach

Split Rate WatchGet Quotation

Split Rate Watch

Speed Coach GoldGet Quotation

Speed Coach Gold

Rower Machine - Imported

Fishing Boat

Fishing BoatGet Quotation

Fishing Boat

Floating Jetty

Imported Goods And Accessories

Pedal Boats

Paddles - Kayak & Canoe

Sailing Boats

Rowing Spare Parts

Sweep ButtonGet Quotation

Sweep Button

Sleeves for OarsGet Quotation

Sleeves for Oars

Boat Display StandGet Quotation

Boat Display Stand

Sit on Top - Kayaks

Rope Way

Rope Way (Globe)Get Quotation

Rope Way (Globe)